Suzanne Dion Enneagram Teacher, Author, Coach
Suzanne Dion

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“Suzanne is a repeat guest presenter on the IEA Great Lakes Chapter Midday Café. She is a harmonized presence bringing brilliant intellect, emotional connection, and a safe felt-sense. Every encounter with Suzanne leaves us feeling seen, felt, and understood on the hardest platform to do, which is online! We share a great love for the work and teaching of Dr. David Daniels. 

The fact that Dr. Daniels trusted Suzanne was an immediate connection for me, but to experience Suzanne is to trust her. Her previous work with Enneagram Prison Project takes my respect for her into the stratosphere. She walks the talk as a teacher, and practitioner. To learn from Suzanne (in writing or in person) is to move information on the Enneagram into transformation in life, relationships, and work.”

— Rev. Clare Loughrige
IEA Great Lakes President
Author: “Motions of the Soul: St.Ignatius Meets the Enneagram” 
Author:  “Spiritual Rhythms for the Enneagram: A handbook for Harmony and 
Transformation,” IVP 2019


“Suzanne Dion is an amazing presenter and writer. I have had the pleasure of co-teaching/leading with her throughout the years and the collaboration was amazing. Suzanne has a deep grasp of the Enneagram and is able to language it in a way that all feel included.  She comes forward with compassion and clarity regarding people and the system. Participants feel ‘held, heard, and understood.’  I highly recommend allowing Suzanne to lead you on the journey of self-discovery because she has done the work herself.”

— Deborah Ooten, Ph.D.
 CEO/Owner | Conscious Living Center | Conscious Dynamics, LLC


“Suzanne has received outstanding recognition from Enneagram, trauma-recovery informed, and relationships teachers in the field.  Suzanne is a truly gifted individual as well as couples’ coach and I can’t say enough about her natural charisma and ability to present and communicate with individuals all the way to large groups. Suzanne has a way of breaking things down succinctly, sometimes humorously, as well as compassionately and in a way that brings it home for people, including having brought highly complex teachings to those incarcerated with great success.”

— Denise Daniels, Ph.D.
Developmentalist | Enneagram Author


“I tried to figure out what was wrong with me for most of my life.  I just didn’t feel like I fit in or that I was like “normal” people.  I found myself in the worst place ever, incarcerated for the first time in my life!  I decided to take a class about self-awareness so amazingly offered at the county jail in which I was located, and that is where I first met Suzanne and the Enneagram Prison Project (EPP).  I took a course offered for inmates about the Enneagram, and Suzanne was one of the instructors.  As I learned about myself and who I was inside of my heart, I began to heal, forgive myself and others, and find self-love.  Suzanne helped me to change my life!”   

— Sue Lambert
EPP Faculty & Guide | NVW Certified Coach, ACE Trainer


I have known Suzanne Dion as a dedicated enneagram colleague for many years. She really knows her stuff, in particular the Enneagram’s application to relationships. She has vast experience as an Enneagram educator. Her depth of knowledge and keen perception are appreciated by her client and students; they are also reflected in the book she co-authored with David Daniels M.D. – “The Enneagram, Relationships and Intimacy.” This book, with powerful insights and suggestions about how to love people better, has become a valuable resource in the expanding field of Enneagram work. Suzanne is clearly an Enneagram thought-leader.”

— Peter O’Hanrahan
Peter has been teaching the enneagram for 40 years in the US and abroad and is a core faculty member of The Narrative Enneagram school.


“Suzanne’s 15+ years of working with the Enneagram and now relationships, together with many other leading experts, have made her a true source of wisdom on this complicated topic. She has both a theoretical understanding and practical experience, which make her a fascinating teacher. Her insights have helped me tremendously in my research. If you really want to understand how you create challenges to your own relationships and want to do something about it, then Suzanne’s compassionate approach and in-depth knowledge will guide you on the right path!”

— Frederick Coene, Ph.D.  
Enneagram Researcher


I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Suzanne in a variety of situations. I have been deeply impressed with her sincerity, honesty, depth of compassion, and her hard-earned, beautifully articulated, wisdom. In the Enneagram world she is a precious gem.”

— Michael Naylor, M.Ed., CPCC  
Director of The Maine Enneagram Center for Transformation & Well Being